GCompris review

GCompris is a unique collection of educational games for children and a proud part of the KDE community. It is a popular and rapidly developed project with its latest version released less than a month ago and more than 100000 installations on Google Play store.
GCompris consists of more than 100 activities for different ages and purposes that are divided into 8 thematic sections. Games are translated into many languages, making it possible to be used by teachers all over the world.
GCompris has a consistent style, and all of the activities are designed very carefully.

I am a highschool student graduating this year, but some activities were interesting even for me! 🙂 “Land safe” and “Intro gravity”, for instance, are no worse than many games published as separate applications on Google Play.

GCompris is close to perfect, but there are still tiny things to improve. In this blogpost, I want to review 2 GCompris activities and provide my feedback.


This activity is an interactive lesson that allows to simulate the water cycle step by step by touching or clicking cycle elements in the right order. Here is the walkthrough:

The lesson is short, but it explains everything it should and even introduces a character – a penguin who comes home and wants to have a shower. What else is needed? 😀
As for the things to improve, it would be better to show the complete cycle first as a cartoon instead of the text instruction.

Roman numerals

“Roman numerals” is quite a big game with multiple levels that teaches kids to covert numbers between roman and arabic numeral systems. This game is marked as advanced and is meant for older children. Each level is an excercise with increased difficulty.

This activity can replace any school lesson on this subject, and I strongly recommend it to all teachers and parents if they want to help a child learn roman numerals in an entertaining way.
The only improvement I can suggest is to redesign the layout to make it look more friendly:rom_num
I hope my review helps GCompris developers make the games even better. Thanks to everyone who works on GCompris for your effort and for the wonderful experience during Google Code-In!

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