THE EXAMS ARE OVER! Finally! My university freshman year has come to its end. I have successfully passed all the exams (yep, math included), so I’m ready to embrace summer adventures! Well… after a bit of sleep, ok? 🙂

Halium on ASUS ZenFone 5

Halium is a hardware abstraction layer developed collaboratively by multiple open source communities (KDE, UBPorts, Mer, LuneOS) to enable Android devices to run GNU/Linux distributions. I had posted this news on Twitter some time ago, but I’m still happy that my port got mature enough to deliver hardware-accelerated graphics: This port is quite special as…

Exams are over, new studies coming

Hello blog, no news from me for a while 😀 Studies at the university are really overwhelming, and I feel that passing my first exams was a major step in my life. Despite my week off coming to its end already, I still haven’t done many things I planned: my brain felt exhausted, and I…


ITMO University is a very welcoming place, and I enjoy so much being here 🙂 Also, I finally have a stable web connection.P.S. And all in all, St Petersburg is not THAT rainy?

ITMO University

In a couple of hours I’m leaving my home city and going to Saint Petersburg, where I’m going to study for a software engineer in ITMO University for 4 years. I’ll be there tomorrow, but I probably won’t have a stable Internet connection for a while. If I don’t answer your messages, it’s just that…