Summer update!

It’s been a long while since I posted to my blog, and I apologize for the unpleasant period of boring silence, but I hope to make up for some of it with a brief overview of what happened to me since my last update 🙂

2018 — what a year!

2018, my favorite year so far, has come to its end. So, I decided to recap what happened in my life this year, as well as to tell about events I haven’t covered yet.

Plasma Mobile at a demoparty?

Chaos Constructions is an annual computer festival held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is centered around demoscene — a form of computer art where participants write programs that produce short audiovisual presentations. Apart from the demoscene contests, you can enjoy computer-related seminars, live acts, and a computer exhibition. On 25-26th of August I was lucky…

C++ Russia 2018

Better late than never, right? 🙂 I finally got a small break from the endless studies, so I decided to share my experience during C++ Russia 2018, an amazing C++ developer conference that I was lucky to attend as a volunteer. The conference is a fun 3-day-long event hosted by the C++ Russia User Group,…