About me

I am a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics student at ITMO University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’m keen on designing, programming and deploying various software in my spare time.
Some of my projects are listed below.

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In the KDE Community

Plasma Mobile & Halium

I work with the Plasma Mobile and Halium projects to help build a free user-friendly mobile OS for everyone.

Plasma Mobile: https://www.plasma-mobile.org

Halium: https://halium.org

KDE Russia

I help promote KDE software in Russia by writing articles and how-tos, translating news, participating in local events and administrating social network pages and chats.

KDE Russia homepage: https://kde.ru


Kaidan is a user-friendly cross-platform XMPP-based chat built on top of KDE’s Kirigami UI framework.

Website: https://git.kaidan.im/kaidan/kaidan


GCompris is a collection of educational games for children. I am proud of redesigning some of the activity icons in this project.

Website: http://gcompris.net



A simple application, designed to help users protect their private data in a few clicks.


  • User-friendly
  • Multilingual
  • Cross-platform
  • Lightweight
  • Two modes: GUI and console

Website: http://ilyabizyaev.github.io/Entangle/


Chaos Constructions 2018

I gave a talk about GNU/Linux architecture on mobile devices at Chaos Constructions 2018.

More: https://ilyabiz.com/2018/08/plasma-mobile-at-a-demoparty/


CppRussia 2018

Website: http://cppconf.ru

More: https://ilyabiz.com/2018/05/cpp-russia-2018/

NEERC 2017

Website: https://neerc.ifmo.ru/