About me

My name is Ilya Bizyaev, I am a Software Engineer at Google Munich. Aside from work, I enjoy designing and implementing open-source software in my spare time. Some of my skills and projects are listed below.

Feel free to contact me using any means mentioned here.


At Google


I am proudly involved in Google’s efforts to develop more secure and maintainable authentication mechanisms.

AppEngine (Google Cloud Platform)

Previously, I worked on modernizing Google AppEngine’s infrastructure — for more flexibility and performance.

Chrome OS Enterprise features

My first contribution at Google was the addition of advanced access controls for enterprise Chromebook fleet administrators to the Linux virtualization subsystem.

In the KDE Community

KDE Russia

I promote KDE software in Russia by writing articles and how-tos, translating news and administrating social network pages and chats. I also develop a Telegram bot for group management and news posting and the website.

KDE Russia homepage: kde.ru

Plasma Mobile & Halium

I worked with the Plasma Mobile and Halium projects to help build a free user-friendly mobile OS for everyone. This involved hardware adaptation and application development.

Plasma Mobile: plasma-mobile.org

Halium: halium.org


Kaidan is a user-friendly cross-platform XMPP-based chat built on top of KDE’s Kirigami UI framework. I authored some contributions to the visual components, including a refreshed logo, and extended operating system support.

Website: kaidan.im


Chaos Constructions 2018

I gave a talk about GNU/Linux architecture on mobile devices at Chaos Constructions 2018.

More: ilyabiz.com/2018/08/plasma-mobile-at-a-demoparty


Google Code-in 2016

I am a grand prize winner of the Google Code-in 2016 contest. Together with other fellow open source contributors I visited the Google HQ in Mountain View, CA. It was an amazing experience! 🙂

More: dot.kde.org/2018/10/23/google-code-2018-about-start

VK Hackathon

Participated as part of Team Userspace.

Website: vk.com/hackathon


C++ Russia 2018

Details: ilyabiz.com/2018/05/cpp-russia-2018
Website: cppconf.ru

NEERC 2017-2019

ICPC (The International Collegiate Programming Contest) is an algorithmic programming contest for college students.
NERC (Northern Eurasia Regional Contest) is the ICPC finals for Northern Eurasia. It is held annually at ITMO University, the lovely place where I study.
In 2017-2019, I participated in NERC three times as a Technical Committee Assistant.

Website: neerc.ifmo.ru