Mountain Re-View

Hey blog! How about a new blog post? 🙂

There have been no messages from me for a while, mostly due to my exams, and I feel guilty of the silence. Now that’s high time I write about my experience.

The most important event in my life for the past few months is the Google Code-In trip. It was an amazing opportunity to meet so many interesting people, see lots of stunning views, visit lots of amazing places, hear talks about topics I’ve never thought of before and make new friends.

A small KDE meetup 😀 (Sergey Popov, Kevin Funk and me)
Missing all of them…
Ivan Smirnov told us a bit about his work at Google

With all the planes, trains and buses, it was also a big journey with an 11-hour time difference from my home.

Me at the New York airport (JFK)

I am SO thankful to the Google Open Source team, particularly Stephanie and Mary, for their continuous work on making Google a hospitable place for students, mentors and parents from all over the world. They paid special attention to the food (yummy!) and even invited whales 🙂

Me, Stephanie, Mary and Sergey
Gear cupcakes

I am looking forward to meeting my new friends again.

At the moment, me, Filip Grzywok and Soham Sen (other GPW winners) are working on a cool app. I highly recommend you to follow updates on the development; we expect our project to be released by the end of the summer.

I am also now working on porting Halium, a hardware abstraction layer developed by KDE, UBPorts, Mer and Sailfish, to ASUS ZenFone 5. It’s quite difficult for me, but the communities around the project are very helpful (special thanks to Bhushan Shah and JBB) and I learn quite fast. When I succeed with porting, my phone is going to be the first x86 device to run Plasma Mobile!

Currently, I am entering a university. That’s an important step in my life, so I am very immersed in it. 

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading and don’t feel like having wasted your time. If you want to ask me anything, suggest an idea on improving my blog or just talk, feel free to contact me by any means suggested in “Contacts”.

Have a great day!

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