Summer update!

Englischer Garten

It’s been a long while since I posted to my blog, and I apologize for the unpleasant period of boring silence, but I hope to make up for some of it with a brief overview of what happened to me since my last update 🙂

First and foremost, I would like to express the gratitude for my second year of university, which was the most exhausting period of studies that I’ve had so far but taught me a great deal of patience, focus, and perseverance. Also, I cannot but mention that never have I valued friendship as much as I do now. I was able to pass my exams with satisfying grades, and while I do not yet feel ready to dive into the next academic year, I am a lot more confident about its success.

Next, I would like to thank KDE for the most exciting learning experience I could wish for: the Plasma Mobile sprint in Berlin that I was lucky to attend. I have never met so many passionate developers in one place before, and learning from them, as well as contributing my humble bits of knowledge, was priceless.
And a special thanks to Linus and Jonah for showing me around the city 😀

Finally, I am incredibly thankful to Google for having me as a Software Engineering intern in Munich this summer 😀
Making Linux application support in Chrome OS easier to manage for schools, enterprises and individuals is by far the biggest contribution to the Linux ecosystem that I can possibly make. Most googlers I had a chance to meet are very positive, cheerful and helpful. My first feature has landed the Chromium codebase today, and I am very excited and motivated for the rest of my work here.

To make sure you don’t have to wait another half a year to hear from me, I’m sharing my Instagram; I seem to be more responsible at posting pics of cute stuff around me than at serious blogging 🙂

I wanted to keep this update short and easy to read. If, however, I managed to get you interested and craving for more info, feel free to reach out to me!.

And have a great summer! 😀

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