cursor-shape-v1 in Chromium and Electron

Just in time for KDE Plasma 6, Chromium 122 and Electron 29 have been released! They contain my patch that adds support for Wayland’s new cursor-shape-v1 extension protocol.

When running natively in a Plasma 6 Wayland session, up-to-date Chromium-based browsers and Electron apps should now always use the correct mouse cursor theme and have the cursor drawn in the correct size, even when running in a Flatpak sandbox.

You can enable Chromium’s native Wayland support by setting chrome://flags/#ozone-platform-hint to “Auto” or with a command-line flag. There are multiple ways to apply this preference to Electron apps as well.

To check whether an app runs natively on Wayland or relies on the XWayland compatibility layer, you can look up kwin in any KRunner-enabled search bar (e.g. in the app launcher) and select “Open KWin debug console”.

Hope this helps! 😃

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